Mark Anthony Fernandez Handsomeness Compared with Son Grae Fernandez

November 26, 2014

Mark Anthony Fernandez and Grae Fernandez

Mark Anthony Fernandez and son Grae Fernandez

Mark Anthony Fernandez handsome looks is being compared with his son Grae Fernandez online and the resulting comparison is not very pretty. The 13-year-old Grae Fernandez, an up and coming young star, is being criticized online because he has not allegedly inherited the rugged handsomeness of his father, GMA Kapuso star Mark Anthony Fernandez. Grae Fernandez is part of the boy group Gimme 5, which also includes Nash Aguas, John Bermundo, Joaquin Reyes and Brace Arquiza. GIMME 5 is the newest ASAP 19 boy group. Grae Fernandez is the son of Mark Anthony Fernandez and his non-showbiz wife, Melissa Garcia. He is also in the cast of ABS-CBN‘s coming of age soap, “Bagito.”
Mark Anthony Fernandez did not actually escape the bashing online vis a vis his son. The comments mentioned that they hope that Grae Fernandez do not suffer the fate of his father who had been confined to drug rehab before. In earlier interviews, Grae Fernandez expressed that he is well aware of his dad Mark Anthony’s past.
John Bermundo, Joaquin Reyes, Brace Arquiza and Grae Fernandez.

Gimme 5 (minus one Nash Aguas) John Bermundo, Joaquin Reyes, Brace Arquiza and Grae Fernandez