Mario Maurer and Kakai Bautista Love Affair

February 28, 2013

Mario Maurer and Kakai Bautista

Mario Maurer and Kakai Bautista

Many are left wondering if the reported Mario Maurer and Kakai Bautista (also sometimes spelled as Cacai Bautista) Love Affair is true. Love is blind the adage say but to Kakai Bautista love is not blind! Kakai said: “love is not blind, it only see what others cannot.” The rumored romance started when Mario Maurer broke up with his girlfriend of nine years Gubgib Sumontip and the reason reportedly is Cacai Bautista. Haba ng hair, LOL. The pair were co-stars in the movie Suddenly it’s Magic, and mirroring the movie, looks like it is suddenly it’s magic for the couple. The nakakawindang truth is, it was not Kakai Bautista who pursued Mario Maurer, it was the Thai superstar himself who left his heart in Manila. Mario would constantly tweet, email, and text her, sending her greetings and “I miss you too” texts. Kakai when asked why Mario may have fallen for her said: What do you and Mario have in common and why is he so fond of you?

Kakai: “Seriously, one thing that Mario and I have in common is that he likes happy people. He sees the clown he was looking for in me! Filipinos by fact are very affectionate, but Thais, they need a process before they give in to you as a friend. It took me time to penetrate his mind and heart.”

Joyce Ramirez, of Publicity Asia, who handled Mario Maurer for Penshoppe and Bonchon, meanwhile denies the Kakai-Mario love affair. She tweeted: “Was on the phone with my Thai friends, Mario Maurer is dating a popular Thai actress now. He was just kind to a fan (Kakai?) that’s why he took pics.”