Mariana del Rio denies affair with Cesar Montano

March 10, 2008

Mariana Del Rio
Mariana del Rio, 16, finally talked about her rumored affair with Cesar Montano and being the eventual cause of the Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz separation. Although, reportedly, Cesar and Sunshine have reconciled.

Mariana del Rio said she was in Brazil when the news broke out of the alleged affair with Cesar. “Sobrang sad ako. I was in Brazil, I couldnt do anything about it. I couldnt even defend myself. My friends were the ones, they were calling me and telling me they’re talking about you. They are saying things about you and I was like, please help me out, help me too.”

Mariana del Rio met Cesar Montano last September when she went to Bohol with her friends. And all they discussed is if she wanted to do a movie with Cesar. And that she didnt even know who Cesar Montano was. Mariana said that her meetings with Cesar had been very professional, and that it was at all times brief.

Mariana del Rio also confirmed that Cesar’s wife, Sunshine Cruz called her up. “Hindi sobrang galit pero galit, hindi like scandalous or shouting pero galit siya. She’s asking me what was going on and I told her that I met him in the airport and he was asking me to do a movie with him. He offered me three movies and told her, I explained to her everything and then after we put down the phone. I texted her explaining again everything that really happened and asking her if it was clear. If she was okay with that?. She said all good, okay, thank you and I thought she was okay.”

Mariana said she’s breaking her silence because, “Im back to show the people that I did not do anything, and I want people to understand what really happened and Sunshine too, because I don’t know if she really thinks that something happened.”