Marian Rivera Catfight with Sid Lucero Girlfriend

January 15, 2012

sid lucero girlfriend

Sid Lucero and girlfriend(?)

Ruffa Gutierrez and the rest of Paparazzi hosts outed the heated incident involving Marian Rivera and Sid Lucero girlfriend. Ruffa described what happened. Marian Rivera and some of the Amaya cast were having dinner when “some girl” biglang sumisingit sa conversation saying “ay, ano yun?!” basta nakikisingit sya sa conversation. Nakikisabat. So sabi ni Marian, “Sino ka?” So sabi naman ng girl, “girlfriend ako ni Sid Lucero!” Sagot naman ni Marian, “So?!”, Sagot naman ng girl, “Taray, marunong ka palang mag-English Marian!”. And Ruffa said, after that “fireworks” ensued. Meaning there was a catfight between Marian and Sid Lucero’s girlfriend. Sid Lucero allegedly apologized to Marian for what happened but Marian did not accept the apology. Sid Lucero then said high fallutin words in English for which Marian got mad and uttered two words which are allegedly very much widely known in Philippine showbiz but is derogatory to Sid’s person. How true are all these!!!Explosive news indeed, again, unfortunately for Marian. Watch the video of that TV5 Paparazzi’s exclusive scoop below (click on the photo).