Marian Rivera Nagtaray Video Part 2

May 30, 2008

Marian Rivera has been caught on tape again in another “scandalous” behavior. When the Marian Rivera nagtaray video came out it became a viral video. Almost everyone were looking for it in the Philippines and Filipinos abroad also came to flock where they can see it. Now, another video of Marian Rivera came out and is named “Marian Rivera Nagtaray Video Part 2.

In that video, Marian is seen making “tapik” to a make-up artists hand, apparently irked by whatever the makeup artist is doing. Marian’s face is shown visibly irritated. A far cry from the sweet and humble Marimar and Dyesebel. Could Marian Rivera’s off cam behavior mirror what she really is in general? Could it be that the rift with Katrina Halili and Bianca King on the set of Marimar mirror her true character and the talk that the contravidas in Marimar are actually the much nicer persons in real life? Just watch the Marian Rivera Nagtaray Part 2 video below: