Maria Ozawa visits the Philippines

April 27, 2015

Maria Ozawa in Manila

Maria Ozawa in Magic 89.9

Maria Ozawa is in the Philippines. Maria Ozawa is the special guest of Magic 89.9‘s “Boys’ Night Out” radio program in celebration of the show’s 9th anniversary on Monday night. Maria Ozawa is a Japanese adult film star that is a big favorite of (straight) Filipino men.

Maria Ozawa will be in Metro Manila, Philippines for a one-night-only stand err.. appearance.. she will be leaving the Philippines tomorrow, April 28. But, due to insistent male public demand, she will be back after Labor Day (May 1) for a series of bar tours. Look.. Andie Eigenmann managed to convince Maria Ozawa to pose to promote her newest movie, “Your Place or Mine?” with ex-boyfriend (?) Bret Jackson.

Maria Ozawa, Andi Eigenmann, Bret Jackson

Maria Ozawa, Andi Eigenmann, and Bret Jackson