Manila High Society scandal

March 8, 2008

DJ Montano and Brian GorellManila’s fashionable rich are now embroiled in the so-called Manila High Society scandal. The people involved are scions of the richest families and powerful politicians in the Philippines. Ala Gossip Girl ang drama.

DJ Montano and Brian GorellThe Manila high society scandal started when an Australian expat, Brian Gorell exposed his relationship with Philippine Star writer/Restaurateur/Enderun teacher, DJ Montano and how he had duped him into investing in a restaurant and travel agency business.

The name of Celine Lopez, Plains and Prints designer, Philippine Star’s YStyle editor, new Celeteque endorser, slash entrepreneur (ang haba ha, pagkatapos may time pa sya sa ibang “activities”) and a scion of the Lopez clan, was dragged into the scandal because, Celine Lopez BFF is DJ Montano. And then when Celine Lopez panicked on the Brian Gorell blog entries, Celine Lopez called former boyfriend Marcel Crespo (Jimenez), son of Mark Jimenez. Marcel Crespo in turn emailed Brian Gorell whose email Brian did not take pleasure with. Wendy Puyat, the controversial Hongkong heiress (?) is also in the picture, but because of the very long blog entries, i don’t know how she got in the picture. Reportedly, all of those involved Philippine socialites are in an exclusive chic’a group called Gucci Gang.

Apparently, DJ Montano had defrauded Brian Gorell in the amount of US$100,000 or more..and Brian Gorell wants DJ Montano to pay him back.

Brian Gorell mentioned that DJ Montano and Celine Lopez belongs to the “Gucci Gang” and whom Brian ridiculed as a group who are called that but they never really wear Gucci. The other members of the so-called Gucci Gang are reportedly Tim Yap, Xeng Zulueta, Wendy Puyat, Bea Ledesma, etc..

On a lighter note, Brian Gorell mentioned that DJ Montano is a VERY expensive boyfriend. Brian said, ” I asked him once to come to Andoks ( a local grilled chicken mom and pop) with me.
He told me he could not be seen there. Ever. So I asked HRH (His Royal Highness) to go for Inasal (another grilled chicken resto). He said, No way.” Baklang AFAM lang pala katapat ng Manila’s High Society kuno…