Maja Salvador and Paul Soriano Linkage

September 3, 2011
Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador as Thelma

Maja Salvador cried when she was asked about her alleged liking for Paul Soriano. Maja Salvador is starring in the indie movie, Thelma, directed by Paul Soriano. He said that he and Maja do not have a romantic relationship but had a working relationship, that of an actress and her director, because of Thelma. Paul Soriano even says he is now ready to marry her long-time girlfriend, Toni Gonzaga, but Toni is not likely to marry him soon because of her showbiz career. “Thelma” is Paul Soriano’s second film after “A Journey Home” in 2009. Thelma is about a young woman who discovers her gift of running and uses it to better her life and that of her family. Thelma is distributed by Star Cinema and is showing on Sept.7 and also stars Jason Abalos.