Mahal Introduces New Boyfriend

January 24, 2015

Mahal boyfriend Jimmy Navarro

Mahal with new boyfriend Jimmy Navarro

Mahal shows off her new boyfriend Jimmy Navarro, a young widower. Mahal’s new boyfriend is a 34-year-old widower with one child. Mahal revealed that they have been together for almost eight months now and that she denied that they are now living together although she said he sometimes sleeps over in her house. Mahal is still active in Philippine showbiz. She is in the cast of TV5’s comedy show, “Tropa Mo ‘Ko Unli.”

Many fans are happy for Mahal with one even saying: “Dinaig pa ni Mahal ang ibang magagandang artista! Sila mga walang lovelife!LOL”

Mahal new boyfriend

Mahal with new boyfriend

Mahal boyfriend

Mahal boyfriend Jimmy Navarro