Leah Dizon Filipina Superstar in Japan

September 21, 2007

Leah Dizon is currently one of Japan‘s hottest celebrity. Leah Dizon , 20, is the daughter of a French-American mother and an ethnic Chinese Filipino father. She has taken Japan by storm since arriving from the United States late 2006 and now boasts of appearing in commercials for over 10 major companies.

Dizon is currently appearing in Kao Corp.’s Essential shampoo ads, joining a long line of prominent actresses who have plugged the shampoo in the past such as Kumiko Goto, Takako Matsu, Yuko Takeuchi and Chiemi Hori. Such a high profile advertisement in Japan demands that the figure up front have a squeaky clean past, but Dizon’s time in the U.S. is casting clouds over her reputation.

She has pictures taken sticking her butt toward the camera that reveals there is some justification to the claims of exposed genitals, an absolute no-no in Japan. The photo was taken when Dizon was a grid girl in the U.S.

Publication of the shots sparked a flood of pics posted online of Dizon’s American model days, including swimsuit shots and at least one photo of her semi-nude and using only her hands to cover her otherwise exposed breasts.

“There were even photos of her private life posted on the Net, including one of her clinging onto a guy at a party. There’re even rumors of an American guy going around claiming to be a friend of Leah’s and offering to sell some really raunchy pics of her.”

Her success has sparked an amazing number of look-alike actresses turning up in Rrated movies.