Krystel Moreno Star Magic Ball Gown Designer Speaks Up

September 9, 2014

Krystel Moreno in Rocky Gathercole gown

Krystel Moreno wearing a Rocky Gathercole gown

When starlet Krystel Moreno, sometimes spelled as Kristel Moreno, showed up in the red carpet of the 2014 Star Magic Ball held at the Makati Shangrila Hotel last September 6, she turned heads for all the wrong reasons according to most of the public’s reaction on social media. Her photo on the red carpet wearing the Rocky Gathercole designed gown quickly became viral for being the “Worst Dressed” in the 8th Star Magic Ball. People were bashing Krystel Moreno for having the gall to wear such a sexy and revealing gown when she did not have the body to flaunt and to fit the gown.

Another designer and makeup artist Inyaki Yuson made a passionate post in his Facebook account:

Inyaki Yuson on Krystel Moreno

Inyaki Yuson on Krystel Moreno gown

For which, Mr. Rocky Gathercole has replied in the comments section with this in caps:”AS MUCH AS I WANT TO PLEASE THE STAR MAGIC CROWD,. . . I DONT DO DISNEY PRINCESS GOWN OR BARBIE GOWN ON A RED CARPET.”