Kris Lawrence Girlfriend

June 10, 2008

Kris Lawrence girlfriend Cristina Aldecoa is a Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 finalist. Will she make the cut? Find out when Pinoy Dream Academy season 2 premieres the week after Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus ends.

Kris Lawrence and GirlfriendKris Lawrence, Cristina Aldecoa and Geneva Cruz

Cristina “Meye” Aldecoa in Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 audition was shown tonight. Cristina was branded as the Filipino Dreamer from New York. The Endemol representative said, Cristina looked sad because of her background which is from a struggling family in the US. Direk Joey Reyes and Ryan Cayabyab said she looked sad and compared to another contestant who was also from a poor/complicated family life, was bubbly. Cristina Aldecoa was able to get through tonight and into another round of the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 auditions.