Kris Aquino slams James Yap anew

April 11, 2014

Kris Aquino at American Eagle

Kris Aquino at American Eagle Outfitters

Kris Aquino posted the lyrics to “Thanks To You” by Tyler Collins. @chdrsty129 commented to Kris Aquino: “Si James Yap nalang ulit. Gagamitin ka lang ni HB (Herbert Bautista) para sa 2016.”

This did not sit well with Kris Aquino. She replied: “@chdrsty129 once and for all, y will I go back to James? Will he return the millions I worked hard for & sign it over to my 2 sons? If you can answer me YES then maybe you’re allowed to dictate my love life.” The comments have since been deleted.

Incidentally, the episode where Kris Aquino tearfully thanked James Yap for taking care of Josh and apologizing to James Yap for hurting him, has aired today on KrisTV. Photo credits: Kris Aquino.