Kris Aquino Recalls Toni Gonzaga and Anne Curtis Feud

February 22, 2015

Kris Aquino recalled Toni Gonzaga and Anne Curtis feud in today’s episode of The Buzz. The tactless star revealed how Toni Gonzaga and Anne Curtis would snub each other. Kris Aquino said that she was once seated between Anne Curtis and Toni Gonzaga and the two would treat each other other with a cold shoulder. Kris Aquino even demonstrated how the two acted in their seats during their feud.

For her part, Toni Gonzaga said that she was just civil rather than be plastic. She also shared that eventually, she and Anne Curtis became text friends after they got to talk during Anne Curtis’ issue with Sam Concepcion.

Toni Gonzaga Sam Milby

Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby

Toni Gonzaga’s past tension with Anne Curtis is related to Sam Milby — Anne’s ex boyfriend who became M.U. (mutual understanding) of Toni Gonzaga.

Anne Curtis Sam Milby

Anne Curtis and Sam Milby