Kris Aquino Short Hair New Look

April 21, 2014

Kris Aquino short hairstyle

Kris Aquino short hair

Kris Aquino New hair style

Kris Aquino New hair style

Kris Aquino Hairstyle

Kris Aquino Short Hair

Kris Aquino sported a new look on Aquino and Abunda Tonight. Kris Aquino surprised everyone when she appeared with a new short hair style. People are so used to Kris Aquino sporting a long hair style that everyone were surprised with her new short hair style. They say that when a woman radically cuts her hair short, it has a meaning. Does this mean Herbert and Kris are not together anymore or it is just the hot and humid summer weather we are experiencing nowadays? Kris quoted Coco Chanel when she had her cut short. Coco Chanel said: (see below). Photo credits: Lui Andrada and screengrabs.
Kris Aquino Coco Chanel

Kris Aquino on Coco Chanel