Kris Aquino still have feelings for James Yap

July 2, 2013
Kris, Josh and Bimby San Marino tuna

Kris, Josh and Bimby for San Marino tuna

Kris Aquino nagpapa-cute still sa ex-husband na si James Yap? During the hearing for the visitation rights of James Yap with son Bimby, Kris and ex-husband James Yap finally saw each other face to face after a long time. The camera caught Kris to still seem to nurture some affection for her ex-husband by way of her glances and actuations. As they say action speaks louder than words. So just watch what transpired yesterday.

Meanwhile, James Yap is reportedly unhappy that Bimby is entering showbiz by starring in a movie. Bimby has a new commercial out with Kris and Josh for San Marino tuna. Photo credits: Kris IG.