Kris Aquino Denies Romance with Joey Marquez

September 25, 2010
Kris Aquino cleavage

Kris Aquino cleavage

After weeks of silence from the always controversial First Sister Kris Aquino, in comes another explosive showbiz intriga, a rumored rekindling of romance with former partner Joey Marquez. Kris Aquino vehemently denies the latest gossip about her, tweeting: “Rather than dwell on what my past is, I think I’m the perfect example of how much I’ve been able to learn from my past & have a productive present.

How sad for some people who must have boring, unproductive lives that they can spend so much time telling me how to live my life & judging me not based on my present but events from 7 & 15 yrs ago respectively. I have 1 simple answer, until the day u’ll willingly educate, feed, provide health care & shelter my 2 sons then dictate to me what my work should be & how I should live my life.”

Kris Aquino pointed out that the last time she saw Joey Marquez was three years ago, at the wedding of Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago. Kris Aquino said the rumor might have started when she greeted a certain “Joey” on Pilipinas Win Na Win. “Last week on ‘Pilipinas Win Na Win’, I greeted Joey Manahan, a nephew of Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) who is a Hawaii State Representative. He was really nice to us when we went to Hawaii last year. He is up for reelection. I said, ‘Thank you, Joey, for being so good to me and my family and for taking good care of us. Good luck.’ That’s why the rumor started. Immediately after the show, people started asking me na,” Kris Aquino explained.

Kris Aquino then went on to lambast estranged husband, James Yap saying: “Why people are so quick to portray me as the malanding nakihiwalay and James as the mabait, naaping asawa? All of last week ako ang nakabantay kay Bimby (Baby James) in Makati Med when he was confined from Wednesday to Saturday. Walang narinig ang tao from me na akong dakila and James didn’t even offer a peso for medical bills. Kaya lang exhausted na ako with people wanting to just see the worst in me.”

Aside from Pilipinas Win Na Win, Kris Aquino is set to star in the horror movie, “Dalaw,” one of Star Cinema’s entry to the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival. Dalaw also stars another controversial star, Mariel Rodriguez.