Kris Aquino TV Commercials Overload

October 5, 2011

Kris Aquino sexy

Kris Aquino

So many readers are asking me this, why Kris Aquino (and son Bimby) are in just too many television commercials nowadays?! Well, I think the answer is plain and simple, Philippine advertising agencies think that Kris Aquino (and Bimby) sells products. The ad agencies based it on market research. Kris Aquino tv shows particularly KrisTV may not have stellar ratings but the ad agencies think that based on Kris Aquino being perceived to be believable, credible, popular, accessible and marketable to the general Filipino populace, she must have all these TVC’s. I understand the frustration of some though. As I am writing this, the entire commercial gap of the teleserye that I am watching, consisted of all the tv commercials that Kris Aquino appears in. A record of sorts actually! From products such as Olay Total Effects, Pantene, Nido (with Bimby), Safeguard (with Bimby), Fiesta Spaghetti, Goldilocks, Maggi Magic Sarap, 555 Tuna, Petron Gasul, Downy, etc.. who knows what product endorsement is next for Kris Aquino. You can watch all Kris Aquino TVC’s on YouTube.