Kris Aquino and Charlene Gonzales Confrontation

September 8, 2008
Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino

An alleged confrontation between Kris Aquino and Charlene Gonzales happened at the Metro fashion show by Randy Ortiz. Randy Ortiz allegedly made a gown for Kris Aquino, Charlene Gonzales and Lucy Torres-Gomez for the Metro Fashion event. Randy Ortiz is suppose to make three different creations/designs but of the same color. When Charlene Gonzales arrived, Kris Aquino was surprised that Charlene Gonzales was wearing a Randy Ortiz creation but of a different color than was conceptualized. Kris Aquino allegedly said something like, “Ay, gusto mong magpa-star no?

To which Charlene Gonzales allegedly replied, “Bakit, pangit ba?

“No, maganda naman. Hindi mo lang sinunod yung motiff, Kris allegedly replied.

Apparently, this did not sit well with Charlene Gonzales but waited until after the fashion show, and confronted Kris allegedly saying, “Kris, do you have a problem with me?

Kristeta allegedly replied, “No, it was was just a joke!”

To which, Charlene allegedly said, “Hindi e! I think you really have a problem with me!. Tetay allegedly just kept quiet. (More than unlikely!)

And after which, Charlene allegedly told her husband Aga Muhlach about the incident and Aga Muhlach was reportedly fuming mad at Kris and allegedly said, “Kris, you don’t know me when I’m angry!” to Charlene.

And the said Kris Aquino and Charlene Gonzales confrontation was reportedly witnessed by Ruffa Gutierrez, Claudine Barretto, Bea Alonzo and Phoemela Baranda.

My take. I don’t think so. Nice try. Charlene Gonzales and Aga Muhlach are much nicer than that and would definitely not react like that and especially to Kris Aquino. Kris Aquino may have been dissed for allegedly saying so many tactless things but I highly doubt this incident. If ever it took place, some things said may have been exaggerated.


Kris in a text message sent to TV Patrol World said that her mistake was that she cracked a joke at someone who is not close to her. Also, the Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal host recalled the issue between her and Charlene about the cancellation of the latter’s weekend program.

“Di ba nga when her show in ABS was cancelled, ako’ng napagbintangan na dahilan and I already answered na di naman ako nagkaroon ng weekend show. Obviously, she doesn’t like me and my mistake was I gave her another reason to dislike me. Iniintindi ko na lang. I joked with the wrong person, so I apologized right away.”

Photos of the Randy Ortiz fashion show here.