Kris Aquino backs out of mistress movie

April 23, 2015

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Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino has backed out of a planned Chito Rono film adaptation of the bestselling book “Etiquette for Mistresses and What Wives Can Learn From Them,” by Julie Yap Daza, released in 1992. Kris Aquino backed out saying it poses a conflict with her existing contract with a multi-national company that has a provision that pertains to portrayal of characters in movies or TV shows that would “run contrary to the image that you are projecting as a family woman or as a mother.”

The specific clause in the contract states that Kris Aquino would need the consent of the company in taking on a mistress role that is in conflict with Filipino values.

So Kris Aquino initially asked Star Cinema head Malou Santos if she could portray the wife instead, but ultimately she decided to drop the project altogether because the lead role is the mistress, and not the wife.

Gretchen Barretto was originally to star as the mistress until Gretchen Barretto’s estranged sister Claudine Barretto confirmed that she has been cast in the movie.

The “Etiquette for Mistresses” movie’s supposed stars courted irony because to put it bluntly, those stars were (once/still is) mistresses in real-life.