Kiray Celis New Look

September 22, 2013

Kiray Celis new look

Kiray Celis Transformation

Kiray Celis New Look, what a transformation! Kiray Celis just had a photoshoot with MJ Suayan with a “mystical revenge” concept. With the ace hands of Fanny Serrano, Kiray Celis is unrecognizable from her usual old self. In the photo shoot, Kiray Celis best known as an ugly duckling comedienne in her television appearances is transformed into a beauty goddess. Kiray Celis in her IG account exclaimed:

“Oo! ako to! eto na ang bagong ako. “THE MYSTICAL REVENGE”. An MJ SUAYAN photography concept. Styling, hair & make up by FANNY SERRANO”

Kiray Celis turned 18 years old in late July but she seemed to have not departed from her playful character, her debut party was Squarebob Squarepants themed. Photo credits: Kiray’s IG by Mj Suayan.

Kiray Celis glamorous

Kiray Celis glam look