Kiray Celis Debut Party Food Run Out Rumors

September 15, 2013

Kiray Celis Debut Food

Kiray Celis Debut Food Fare

Kiray Celis Debut Party food run out is such a nasty rumor! Why? Because if it is true, then the guest could just have left. Why suffer? The timing of said rumor is right after the airing of a successful MMK starrer by Kiray Celis no less, which is more than a month after the debut party held July 29 at the home of the rich family friend of Kiray Celis.

The rumor goes that during Kiray Celis debut party, she made guests to wait for four hours and food was served only after a long photo-op with the debutante and food run out even before half of the guests could eat. The rumors point is that nagyabang daw sina Kiray Celis and family for the debut party pero wala naman palang ipapakain sa mga guests and her mother and brother were rude to guests.

Kiray Celis Debut

Kiray Celis Debut venue

Kiray’s 18th birthday was Squarebob Spongebob themed. Guests were asked to wear yellow. It was a simple affair and Kiray’s family, friends and colleagues were invited. Indeed with any low-cost intimate affair, the understanding of well-meaning guests should be highly observed. Photo credits: Kiray’s FB.
Kiray Celis Debut 18 Roses

Kiray Celis Debut 18 Roses