Kim Chiu Nose Accident

April 23, 2014

Kim Chiu accident

Kim Chiu nose

Kim Chiu nose figured in an accident today, April 23. What happened is, Kim Chiu was asleep in her moving car, on her way to the taping of her ABS-CBN soap, Ikaw Lamang, when her driver made an abrupt stop, throwing Kim’s face violently forward and into the seat infront of her.

Kim Chiu’s Star Magic handler Portia, posted a photo on IG of Kim Chiu while she was seeking treatment in a hospital. Seen was Kim Chiu, holding an ice pack to her nose while in a wheelchair. Portia captioned it: “Still waiting for result… She’s okay. Dont worry kimi.”

Kim Chiu nose accident

Kim Chiu accident

Kim’s doctors, despite a swollen nose, finding nothing worrying, let her continue to work for her soap, which I wonder how she will manage, given that she has a swollen nose. What will happen to the story line?

What is more intriguing though is, Kim’s rumored nose job surgeon, Faces and Curves, posted a photo above of Kim Chiu with her swollen nose taped with a band-aid(?). Photo credits: portiadimla and Faces and Curves.