Kenzo Gutierrez asked for the Briefs of Bailey May Thomas

June 28, 2015

Update: After the explanations given by Dr. Dellosa, Kenzo Gutierrez strikes again. He asked for the briefs of Bailey May Thomas in case he gets evicted in the PBB house. He even kissed him affectionately.
Bailey May Thomas, 12, and Kenzo Gutierrez, 18, PBB Bromance was given reason by PBB resident psychologist Dr. Randy Dellosa. Kenzo Gutierrez and Bailey May Thomas have made Filipino users of social media abuzz by being extra close not just verbally but also in their actuations: holding hands extensively and in one screengrab were seen doing some simulated pumping act.

One of the most serious allegation is this, complete with a videorab as proof: “PBB Housemate Kenzo Gutierrez hinipuan si Bailey May habang natutulog?” Kenzo is alleged to have abruptly withdrawn his hands and turned around when Bailey felt something touched him, which awoken him.

Bailey Thomas on the other hand, even said in one conversation: “He’s (Kenzo) my BOY FRIEND. I’m not gay but he’s my BOY FRIEND”

Bailey May Thomas Kenzo Gutierrez

Bailey May Thomas on Kenzo Gutierrez

Dr. Randy Dellosa said: “Yung mga housemates they get lonely and they want to get the affection from each other para masuportahan nila ang isa’t isa. So that’s one reason why they become touchy and emotional.”

Being the only son of their respective families may have also played a part in both Kenzo and Bailey’s behavior towards each other.

Dr. Dellosa even went to the extent of blaming Filipinos for not being exposed to shifting changes in “gender expectations.”

“This is one way to educate na nagbabago ang gender expectations at gender roles sa culture natin ngayon. Kung dati eh ang lalaki dapat tough, rough at emotionless, ngayon we have to be in touch with both our male and female sides,” he said.

Despite the clinical interpretation, many Filipinos are saying that in this case, simply it is that, actions speak louder than words. LOL.