KC Montero in Sinulog: “Viva mo F**kin Pit Senyor!”

January 21, 2014

KC Montero

KC Montero Sinulog

KC Montero Sinulog

KC Montero in Cebu Sinulog

KC Montero gets flak, when he posted “Viva mo F**KIN Pit Senyor!” as a caption of his IG post while attending Sinulog in Cebu City last Sunday. The 35-year-old TV and radio personality originally from Tacoma, Washington in the United States used the F word while expressing his feelings with a hashtag Sinulogvibe. This earned the ire of netizens mostly from Cebu who treasures the Sinulog festival and its traditions. KC deleted the said post and apologized saying: Sorry if I offended anyone and for others who understand.. have a great f**king day.” (LOL).In his Twitter account, he also said: “My big mouth never fails to get me in trouble.” To which actor Ping Medina replied by saying, “@KCMontero Pissing people off? You’re doing something right then.” KC replied: “@PingMedina then I’m always doing the right thing.”

KC Montero recently broke up with fellow GMA talent Rhian Ramos. Photo credits: KC Montero.