KC Concepcion Fabulous Lifestyle

February 7, 2015

KC Concepcion fabulous

KC Concepcion fab

KC Concepcion let the public take a peek at her fab lifestyle. KC Concepcion posted in her official Instagram page a photo of her in her home posing in luxury designer outfits, most notably her Valentino shoes, and a Starbucks grande cup. She captioned it: “Friday feels (cherries)”

Meanwhile, KC Concepcion also showed that she is not just full of glamor. She also posted her sentiments on the SAF 44 issue and recently, she also took to her official Twitter page that she watches the news and she wishes that broadcast news will not dwell too much on negative news.

“Sana hindi isunod-sunod ng news programs ung mga bad news sa tv… Hindi b pwedeng bad then good, bad then good? Hehe nakaka stress kasi eh,” KC Concepcion mused.