Katrina Halili Pregnant

March 22, 2012

Katrina Halili and Kris Lawrence

Katrina Halili and Kris Lawrence

Update: Katrina Halili confirmed that she is 3 months pregnant and father of the unborn child is R&B singer Kris Lawrence. Kris takes full responsibility for Katrina’s pregnancy but the (ex) couple are not getting married just because of it. Are they even back together?

Katrina Halili

is three weeks


and she will make a tell-all this Saturday in Startalk with Ricky Lo. Katrina Halili will also reveal the identity of the person who made her pregnant. But news is all over that the man who made her pregnant is

Kris Lawrence

. Katrina Halili and Kris Lawrence was in a relationship before and everybody thought that that relationship is over. Not until this latest development that Katrina Halili is pregnant with Kris Lawrence child. Katrina Halili sure surprised a lot of people again. Remember that scandal with Hayden Kho? Not a lot know of it until the videos came out. This time, until her pregnancy, everybody thought she and Kris Lawrence are over. Katrina Halili will soon bid goodbye to her primetime tv show, My Beloved, because of the pregnancy.