Kat Alano covers Uno Magazine

January 19, 2007
Kat Alano

Kat Alano covers Uno Magazine

Kat Alano, former Wowowee host, shown in photo as a Uno Mag covergirl, was offended by Luis Alandy‘s claim that he slept with her. She now plans to file a libel case against Luis Alandy on what he said last January 17, in the controversial radio program of DJ Mo Twister, Good Times, specifically its 40 Forbidden Questions.

Kat Alano, Desiree del Valle, at Tin Arnaldo are Luis Alandy’s answer in DJ Mo “Forbidden Questions” segment on the question of three celebs he had done the deed with.

Desiree and Tin are Luis’ ex-girlfriends as he expressly said but he did not elaborate on what is his relationship with Kat.

Reportedly, Kat was offended by what Luis said and through her manager, June Rufino, she relayed the info that she is to sue Luis Alandy and she will also lodge a complaint with the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP) over the incident.

Desiree Del Valle is now going out with Comedian (Superstar?) Vhong
Navarro. To this day, Vhong Navarro is keeping mum about the issue, but i’m pretty sure he has heard about the Luis Alandy DJ Mo guesting.