Kat Alano Raped by Vhong Navarro?

January 28, 2014
Kat Alano sexy

Kat Alano

Is Kat Alano a victim of rape by Vhong Navarro 9 years ago? This has been one of the rumors circulating after Kat Alano came out on Twitter with cryptic posts in support of Deniece Cornejo. This was further fueled by Deniece Cornejo saying in her public interviews yesterday that there are 5 women who texted their support to her who were also raped by Vhong Navarro in the past but were too afraid to come out. In Twitter, Kat Alano said: “Be brave. We are beside you. Be strong. We will prevail.” Then she followed it up with: “Why is it people are so quick to defend rapists and demonize the victims? Open your eyes people.” A follower of her replied to her post: “@katalano maybe because this time it’s the other way around.” and Kat Alano responded by saying: “no it’s not. That is an ignorant and unfounded statement.”

Kat Alano raped

Kat Alano raped 9 years ago?

Kat said she does not know Deniece Cornejo or Cedric Lee personally when a basher asked her that obviously she was just saying those things because she is a friend of Deniece and Cedric, “Obviously she’s a friend of either Cedric or Deniece. :)”. Kat Alano replied: “I don’t know either of them. Be careful what you say ‘obviously’ about.”

She then posted more musings about rape: “For every idiot that says that a woman ever ASKED for it, sana mangyari din sa inyo. Then let society tell you, you asked for it.” “Read about rape and the effects it has on its victims and who the predators usually are. People here are very misinformed.”

And she posted a meaningful message to bashers who kept on sending her messages on Twitter. She said: “For those messaging me. The truth will prevail. Be patient.” Photo credits: Twitter.