Kat Alano Confirms She Was Raped Nine Years Ago

April 28, 2014

Kat Alano GTWM

Kat Alano

Kat Alano finally confirmed she was raped nine years ago by someone from showbiz. Could it be Vhong Navarro? DJ Mo, Kat Alano’s co-host in the radio show gave a clue on who raped her, and he said, it rhymes with “Wrong.”Kat Alano recalled what happened: “I was out in a club and I was drinking with my friends and I had been there for a while so I drank quite a bit. And I saw him out and you know showbiz… when you met someone that you know, you say ‘hi’. You hang out, hey kumusta, beso beso.”

“We drank together. He buys me a drink, we’re hanging out. I’m with my friends so there’s a bunch of people. After a little while, I wanna go home, I started to feel tired. And I’m like, I wanna drive home. I decided I wanna go home. And he goes, ‘Let me drive you home’.”

And then the rape happened after. She thinks her drink was laced with a drug for her to lost conciousness so the suspect could do to her whatever he wanted.

It can be remembered that Kat Alano strongly reacted in support of Deniece Cornejo when she filed her rape complaint against Vhong Navarro. Kat Alano even posted cryptic messages on her Twitter account against Vhong Navarro. She explained why she reacted that way:

“It brought back these feelings that I didn’t even know that I had. It’s incredible how in nine years you can think that you’re totally fine and then one thing just sparks it all off and all these feelings you never thought you had or never had to deal with just came flooding back. It triggered things inside of me and I knew I needed to speak up. And I needed to tell you what happened to me.”

But despite that, she said she is unable to file a case because of lack of funds.