Julian Estrada Admits Julia Barretto Became His Girlfriend

October 31, 2014

Julia Barretto BF Julian Estrada

Julia Barretto and Julian Estrada

Julia Barretto and Julian Estrada

Julia Barretto Julian Estrada

Julian Estrada admitted Oct. 30 that Julia Barretto became his girlfriend for six months. Julian Estrada is a son of Senator Jinggoy Estrada. Jules Estrada’s revelation came after he narrated to the press during the presscon of his movie, Relaks, “It’s Just Pag-ibig” how his father consoled him during their breakup. When he was asked by the movie press if he has ever fallen in love, Julian Estrada said he did but it was cut short because they were still too young. “Yung dad ko, nalaman niya yung breakup ko with my…” “’Tapos sabi po niya, ‘Bata ka pa anak, marami ka pang pagdadaanan. Marami pang iba diyan.’ When he was egged on by the press if the girl is Julia Barretto, after much coercing, he finally admitted that indeed it was Julia Barretto. “Uhm… my god, yes!” Julian said.
Julia Baretto boyfriend Jules Estrada

Julia Baretto and Jules Estrada

Julian Estrada said their relationship lasted for six months. When asked how he took it when Julia Barretto denied him, he said: “We want to get to know ourselves more.” He their breakup was not a bad breakup and that they still get to talk to each other but he said he has moved on.