Julia Barretto the Peacemaker

March 5, 2015
Julia Barretto wow legs

Julia Barretto legs

“I want to believe that that’s the purpose of my debut,” Julia Barretto said when she was asked if she invited her feuding aunts Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto in the hope that it might pave the way for their reconciliation.

Julia Barretto meanwhile said that it is her wish for her mother Marjorie Barretto and aunt Claudine Barretto to patch things up (if ever they did not already). “Wish ko ‘yon, isa sa mga 18 wishes ko,” Julia said.

Julia Barretto also invited her grandparents who sided with Claudine Barretto to her debut party. “I personally invited all of them. Some of them said that they. Hindi ako mapilit. Basta alam nila na I want them to be there.”

Earlier, Julia Barretto also patched things up with her father Dennis Padilla and she even went to the extent of keeping her surname (Dennis Padilla’s real-life surname of Baldivia), such was the subject of a lawsuit when Julia Barretto earlier petitioned the court for a change of surname to just her mother’s Barretto.

Julia Barretto’s debut party will be held on March 10 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. It will be filmed as a TV special entitled “Just Julia, Beautiful at 18,” and will air on ABS-CBN on March 29.