Jose De Dios And His World

October 13, 2010

Have you checked out Jose De Dios? You would say Jose De Dios, da who?! He is actually Jose Antonio Vergel De Dios or better known as VJ Ton, recent winner of the 2010 Myx VJ Search. He may not be the big star that usually gets featured here but I chanced upon Jose De Dios on YouTube and his Internet world on PLDT myDSL’s TV Commercial (TVC).

Check this out!

Panda Piano Musical Commercial.

Jose De Dios is the typical internet user who plays online games, regularly gets his fill of the viral videos on YouTube, engages in social networking via Facebook, Twitter, and the like while at the same time almost always checking his emails too. In the PLDT Panda Piano Musical Commercial, Jose De Dios shows us how he does all that with PLDT myDSL’s revolutionary offering, an all- in-one bundle of unlimited DSL connection via PLDT myDSL, landline and the Watchpad. Watchpad is the first online entertainment portal in the country to give exclusive shows, movies and 20 cable channels to its subscribers for free.

The cutie kulot Jose De Dios, a.k.a. the Pianoman in the TVC croons, “It’s just me…and a panda playing keys, and an elf, puppets swaying, a tarsier’s eyes a-widening…adding new friends, sharing my pics, level 10 mechas, and sword swinging chicks, LOL cats versus Pacman the champion, joining the mates and getting our grooves on…” The TVC is well thought of and is creatively made, the song catchy and of course, Jose De Dios, aptly representing the typical Internet user like me. It pretty much sums up all that a usual internet user would do, the characters and personalities mentioned are from popular YouTube videos, the level he has reached in playing his favorite online games and shoring up his social popularity by adding new friends and sharing one’s pics with current friends. The Internet Is As Big As You Want It to Be.

Basically, Jose De Dios and I have a lot of things in common, I too indulge in such activities online most of the time. As I am mostly out, so I can dish out the latest in celebrity news and gossip, I rely on wifi and broadband usb dongles. Name it, I have them in all network. And being a heavy user of such, I always suffer in the turtle pace of most mobile broadband (?!) providers. The so-called broadband providers can only actually provide 2G coverage and speed most of the time because of differing locations. A fixed line DSL connection is what I have at home and that’s where I NORMALLY get proper broadband speed and connection reliability. Gathering the latest in celebrity news, composing them and eventually posting my blog entries are a breeze compared to when using mobile broadband.

As I mentioned above, all work and no play makes a dull person (!!!), and so I like to do some online gaming as well and trust me on this one, wired Internet is stable and fun in gaming. Gaming should be fun as it was originally made and intended to be. Chatting via webcam and or talking via VOIP with family and friends in different parts of the world performs better with DSL Connection as well based on my actual experience. And since celebs are my forte, I am a certified YouTube junkie, (don’t forget to check out this blog’s Official YouTube page), and I can honestly opine that YouTube videos are better viewed with a DSL Connection.

You too can experience “your internet” and encounter the sneezing panda, LOL cats, sword swinging chicks, Jose “Ton” Vergel De Dios, and so much more in your own internet journey with PLDT myDSL. Simply beyond broadband!