Jordan Herrera and Jojit De Niro

November 23, 2008

Jordan Herrera is no doubt a gay magnet. In fact, this kind of physique and facial features sure makes a lot of gay guys be attracted to it. So it came as a surprise that he has turned gay. But don’t take my word for it. Jordan Herrera only turned gay in an indie film aptly titled, “Lalamunan.” After all, Jordan Herrera has two kids now.

But Jordan Herrera has been the subject of rumors for years now with being linked to former singer Jojit De Niro as his lover. I remember watching an interview years before which featured Jordan Herrera’s father even admitting that Jordan Herrera is living with Jojit De Niro. Since then, Jordan’s career took a nosedive but he recovered recently and even won ABS-CBN’s Reality Celebrity Boxing Show, Pinoy Mano-Mano. Jordan Herrera, aside from his indie film, Lalamunan is set to polish his dancing skills as he appears in Lucy Torres-Gomez celebrity dancing show, Shall We Dance? as a celebrity contestant.