John Estrada Briefly Detained By Airport Police

May 7, 2007

John Estrada refused to undergo a final bag inspection before boarding a flight from GenSan to Manila after a campaign sortie for congressional candidate Manny Pacquiao. And one who refuses to be checked will not be allowed to board a plane, according to airport police.

John Estrada even joked that there could be a bomb inside his bag and that the airport inspectors should be careful.

That remark eventually led to his temporary detention and interrogation.

John Estrada was then brought to the Aviation Security Group (ASG) office, where his bags were thoroughly searched. When none of his alleged bombs were found, Estrada was allowed to board his 10 a.m. flight.

This brush up with the law incident is not new to John Estrada. He figured in a mauling incident last year in a Robinson’s mall.

Reportedly, John was then walking with former partner Vanessa del Bianco, who’s now based in Canada and is here to visit him, when the man saw Vanessa and reportedly remarked: “Ang taba-taba mo ngayon.”

Vanessa felt humiliated and cried, saying to John: “That’s why I hate coming back to this country because people are so mean.

John got angry and got back at the man. Sinapak niya sa mukha “yung lalaki sabay sabing: Ang bastos mo! says a kibitzer.