Joey Salceda Make Fun of Masbate Governor 20 Pesos Donation to Bea Rose Santiago

January 1, 2014

Joey Salceda and Bea Santiago

Joey Salceda and Bea Rose Santiago

Governor Joey Salceda made fun of the Masbate Governor who allegedly made a 20 pesos donation to Bea Rose Santiago indirectly that is. Gov. Salceda made the Cornetto reference to Bea Santiago, as per Cornetto’s TVC about what you can buy nowadays for 20 pesos. Albay Governor Joey Salceda made a grand welcome in Albay for a fellow Bicolana, Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago. Albay is located near Masbate, both are in the Bicol region. Bea Rose Santiago, who grew up in Masbate, does not expect a nice homecoming nor even a homecoming, because of what she revealed in an interview aired on TV Patrol shortly after she won. She revealed that she sought the support of the Governor of Masbate Province but she only got a 20 pesos donation instead. The son of Masbate Governor Dayan Seachon Lanete came to the defense of his mother and strongly reacted to the allegation made by Bea Rose Santiago saying that Bea Rose was declined by the Governor because she wanted half a million pesos in donation to fund her nose job.
R Seachon-Lanete

R Seachon-Lanete rant

A fan of Bea Rose meanwhile made a strongly worded remark about the allegations above published in Missosology saying: “Gawa na yun bago pa man siya nagpa screen sa BbP. So it is impossible! At tsaka wala na siyang pinagawa even before BbP started…So sinungaling ang bakulaw na baklang yan!!”