Joey de Leon Slams Critics of his Nepal Earthquake Jokes

April 28, 2015

Joey De Leon

Joey de Leon

Joey de Leon slammed his critics on Twitter who condemned him for a joke he made about the victims of the massive earthquake in Nepal. Here is what Joey De Leon tweeted about Nepal:

News: NEPAL Earthquake-Major! In the philippines EPAL landslide-Great!

and another one, which he since deleted and of which he drew some flak:

Sa mga nalibing sa Highest Point in the World dahil sa avalanche because of the earthquake in Nepal, May you EVEREST IN FREEZE!

These did not sit well with his critics. Some of whom replied slamming Joey de Leon for being insensitive and lacking respect for those who perished in the quake.

Joey de Leon addressed these critics saying they are all dumb for not getting the joke:

Bakit ganon sa twitter pag hindi nila nakuha joke or not o hindi sila nakaisip nung entry wala ka nang kwenta? I just condoled mga bobo!

He also implied that the creators of The Walking Dead and all vampire tv shows are those who deserves to be slammed for disrespecting the dead:

Sa mga “righteous” dyan: Do not talk to me about respect for the dead. Kausapin nyo muna creatorsng Walking Dead at mga Vampire series!

“A joke is actually an extremely really serious issue.” – Winston Churchill