Joey De Leon Caught Lying

May 9, 2015

Joey De Leon Singapore

Joey De Leon

Joey De Leon caught deliberately lying or is he having memory gap already? In an interview on, Joey De Leon categorically denied tweeting a wordplay on the Nepal quake victims. He even went to the extent of saying if he said the things he is being attributed to saying, then what he said is bad. Thing is, he actually tweeted the things he said is bad. Joey De Leon deleted the particular tweet though but many were able to read and quote the tweet.

NEPAL QUAKE TWEET ISSUE: “Ang naaalala ko lang na sinabi ko, yung tungkol sa Rest In Peace. ‘EveRest in Peace.’ Anong masama dun?

“Yun ang sinasabi ko, kulang sa utak ang ibang nangba-bash.

“Wala namang masama, ‘Everest in Peace,’ anong masama?

“Masama kung sinabi ko ‘Everest in freeze,’ yun ang bad. Manigas.”

What Joey De Leon tweeted on April 27, 2015 was:

Sa mga nalibing sa Highest Point in the World dahil sa avalanche because of the earthquake in Nepal, May you EVEREST IN FREEZE!