Jinkee Pacquiao now looks like a Socialite

September 24, 2007

Looks like  Jinkee Pacquiao was challenged to look good after rumors cropped up linking Manny Pacquiao and Ara Mina. Ang laki ng iginanda ni Jinkee nang nakita namin siya sa Startalk nu’ng Sabado.

Jinkee now have a stylist now that she now looks the part, that of the wife of a very rich man, Manny Pacquiao.

Jinkee Pacquiao, dubbed as the First Lady of Philippine boxing, shares that keeping herself always beautiful and sexy for her husband is one of the secrets of their marriage.

When it comes to shopping, Jinkee loves designer bags and clothes. But a shopping day is not complete if she doesn’t get clothes for her kids and Manny, too. SUVs are another love of Jinkee, but when she does get a new one, she consults with Manny first. Jinkee has a Nissan Murano, a Mitsubishi Grandis, and a Hyundai Santa Fe. (The couple have 11 cars all together.)

How do you keep the excitement in your marriage?

Jinkee: I have to look good every day. Even if I am just at home lagi ako nagpapa-sexy. Nilalambing ko siya lagi, when we are alone in the room. Niyayakap ko siya. We spend time talking about when we first met, what it was like before we met.

How many rounds can Manny last with you?

Jinkee: (Laughs) Understood na yan. Hindi ko naman binibilang kung ilan rounds. Basta pag boxer aggressive. Twelve rounds, parang boxing din yon.