Jhong Hilario and ABS-CBN Staff Caught Doing the AlDub Pabebe Wave

August 14, 2015

Jhong Hilario AlDub

Jhong Hilario Pabebe wave

Jhong Hilario and some ABS-CBN staffers were caught doing the AlDub Pabebe Wave. Jhong Hilario is a host of It’s Showtime, the rival noontime show of Eat Bulaga. AlDub and their trademark “pabebe wave” has become a national phenomenon.

In line with the beating that It’s Showtime is getting from Eat Bulaga’s record-breaking TV ratings, It’s Showtime reportedly made an emergency meeting to discuss how they can beat the competition. Reportedly, one of the changes they are considering is that Vice Ganda will also do a dubsmash portion to be called Vice Dub.

Vice dub

Vice Ganda dubsmash