Jennylyn Mercado Letter to Unborn Child

February 26, 2008

Jennylyn Mercado in FHM Philippines After the Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia breakup, Jennylyn Mercado went all over the media again and has guested in The Ricky Lo Exclusives and wrote a piece to her unborn child who will be born illegitimate. Jennylyn was hurt when Patrick hinted in a TV interview that he might not be the father of the baby, but he said he was ready to take the responsibility until somebody would come to claim the baby as his own.

Here’s Jennylyn Mercado’s poetic piece:

To my dearest baby,

First of all, I want you to know that Mommy loves you very much. I may not be sure how to show it or how to make you feel it, but I love you deeply because you are my life and I know that you know that because you are keeping me strong. God has given you to me to be my strength and inspiration.

Baby, I also want to tell you that I am very sorry. If I could have chosen a better circumstance for you to be brought into this world, I would. But I couldn’t, kaya I’m sorry that you will have to grow up in an imperfect world. Mommy did not have an ideal childhood, and I wanted sana to spare you from the complications of being born into a broken home. But Daddy and I are both not ready, kaya hindi namin maibibigay sa ‘yung complete family that you deserve. Pero, Baby, we love you very much at kahit hindi buo ang family natin, our love for you will keep you whole. I promise you that.

As much as natatakot ako that I will not be a perfect mommy, I am excited to have you na, Baby. I want to cuddle you and kiss you and witness all your firsts. We will sing together and laugh together and have sobrang madaming-madaming fun.

I promise you that, as best as I can, I will protect you from harm. I may not be able to prevent other people and things from hurting you but I will always be here to cry with you and to comfort you. I will take care of you the best way I can because I love you very much, Baby.

You came into my life as a blessing from God, and I will forever be thankful to Him for that. You are the reason why I am happy because God gave you to me as a promise that everything will be okay. And, I assure you, all will be okay, Baby. Just be strong and I will also be strong for you.

Mommy loves you very much.