James Yap vows to fight for Bimby against Kris Aquino

March 20, 2013
James Yap sad

James Yap sad

James Yap shared what really happened in a hastily called presscon with his lawyers this afternoon to explain his side on the allegations of her ex-wife Kris Aquino that he tried to molest her. James Yap said that he did not think that the words he said in jest would consume Kris and lead her to keep their son Bimby (James Yap, Jr.) from him. Kris Aquino filed a TPO (Temporary Protection Order) against James Yap. James Yap related what really transpired on December 3, 2012, when he visited his son Bimby. He was about to leave following his visiting hours and asked his son Bimby to kiss him, “Kiss mo si Papa…” to which Bimby said, “No, I don’t like!”. He suspects Bimby is scared to do it in Kris’ presence (Kris was also there). “E, kasi nandun si Kris. So, takot siya kay Kris, e, na i-kiss ako. Hindi ko alam kung bakit.” Because of this, James said in jest, “Bim, if you don’t kiss me, I’ll kiss your Mama.” Kris only reacted by saying: “Yuck, yuck, gano’n. Yuck! Yuck! Kadiri!” but it never happened, he did not kiss Kris.

James Yap and son Bimby in happier times for SunLife Insurance

James Yap and son Bimby

A sad and teary-eyed James Yap said he does not care anymore about Kris but vows to fight for his son even to the point that it will destroy his basketball career saying: “Handa nako masira ang career ko, ang buhay ko, basta maipakita ko sa anak ko na ipinaglaban ko siya. Wala na akong pakialam kay Kris. Gusto ko lang makasama ang anak ko.” James Yap said his basketball career maybe at stake in his fight to visit his son because Kris threatened him about her brother President Aquino, Kris allegedly said: ‘Baka nakalimutan mo,may 3 years pa ang brother ko.’ Kris also said: ‘Nakita mo ba kung saan na ang mga ex ko ngayon, wala ng mga career, baka ganun gawin ko sa’yo, isang iyak ko lang sa TV, maniniwala na sakin yung mga tao.’


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