James Yap Have Not Seen Son Bimby for Five Months

February 2, 2014

James Yap and Bimby

James Yap and son Bimby

James Yap revealed that it has been five months since he has last seen his son with Kris Aquino, Bimby. James Yap is very much willing to visit his son but is reportedly not allowed by Kris Aquino. James Yap may have been missing his son that he has resorted to posting throwback photos of him and Bimby online instead. Hindi nga ba ang iginagalang ni Kris Aquino ang visitation rights na ipinagkaloob ng korte sa basketbolista? (Is Kris Aquino not complying with the visitation rights granted by the court to James Yap?).

James Yap’s lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan revealed that the Permanent Protection Order (PPO) favoring Kris Aquino prevents James Yap from visiting son Bimby but she also reiterated that James Yap is entitled to visitation rights with his son as granted by the court.

Atty. Lorna Kapunan said: “There is an order of the court recognizing James right to visitation. The parties have to comply with it IN GOOD FAITH.”

James Yap is happy though on the lovelife front. He is still going strong with Italian girlfriend Michela Cazzola. Photo credits: James Yap.

James Yap girlfriend Michela Cazzola

James Yap with girlfriend Michela Cazzola