James Yap reunites with Son Bimby

February 16, 2014

James Yap, son Bimby and Joshua

James Yap, son Bimby and Josh

James Yap reunites with son Bimby or his junior actually (James Carlos Aquino Yap Jr.). Bimby is his son with ex-wife Kris Aquino and Kris did not let the day pass without making a message to James Yap complete with a photo. Kris said: “Happy Birthday James. Peace, harmony & God’s blessings to you… I am a Mom who has learned to set aside past hurts & I’ve learned how to move on w/ God’s grace because I want my sons to be well adjusted & positive. And that starts w/ my example. #peace #maturity.” February 15 is James Yap’s birthday, a day after Kris Aquino’s birthday. Kris Aquino also earlier defended James Yap from bashers who blamed the cager for their team’s loss in a PBA championship game. Kris Aquino flew to Singapore on James birthday.

James Yap for his part also posted almost the same photo with a caption: “Kumpleto na birthday ko. Thank you Lord. #happy #priceless #happiestmoment.” Until this reunion, James Yap has not seen his sons (he also treats Josh like a son) for five months because of a court order.

James Yap, Bimby and Joshua

James Yap, Bimby and Josh

Vice Ganda said Kris Aquino’s newly-found maturity is brought about by her new suitor. Photo credits: Kris and James IG’s.