James Yap got 60 Million from Kris Aquino

March 22, 2013
James Yap hot

James Yap hot

James Yap reportedly got 60 million pesos from Kris. This could be one of the reasons why Kris Aquino is out to get her ex-husband. Kris’ lawyer, Atty. Frank Chavez said James Yap got 60 Million pesos from Kris Aquino during the settlement from their marriage annulment. And not only that Mr. Chavez even revealed that James Yap does not even spend for gasoline or electricity in their former home and that what he earns, he keeps to himself. Atty. Chavez said that court records show, and they can also prove it, that most of the properties came from Kris Aquino’s labor. Atty. Chavez then went on to enumerate why it amounted to 60 million pesos: “He got P14.5 million in cash, he got real property. If you add that up all together, including the two sports cars, vehicles that he got, it’s more than P60 million.”

Atty. Chavez also said that Kris Aquino did not use her power and influence against James Yap and proof is the 60 million pesos that he got. “Had she only wanted to use power and influence, she could have used that to avoid having to share the properties that she earned with Mr. Yap, but she did not,” Atty. Chavez said.

If this is true that he got 60 million, provided that the 60 million was properly accounted, distributed and delivered to him, it is all perfectly legal. Under the law, the Family Code to be exact, a married couple who have no pre-nuptial agreement shall fall under the absolute community of property regime, and all the properties (with some exception) acquired by both parties during their marriage forms part of the conjugal property of both spouses and shall be divided in equal half (with some miscellaneous deductions) after such marriage (in this case an annulment).

In short, no amount of power and influence is above and beyond the law.