James Reid and Andi Eigenmann Intimate Photos

September 22, 2014
James Reid with Andi Eigenmann

James Reid and Andi Eigenmann

Andi Eigenmann and James Reid

Andi Eigenmann and James Reid’s hand?

Andi Eigenmann and James Reid

Andi Eigenmann and James Reid?

Are these James Reid and Andi Eigenmann‘s intimate photos together? James Reid and Andi Eigenmann are rumored to have been hooking up of late. The two, with their common friends were spotted all over the party scene and or hanging out by the poolside with their other friends. But James Reid and Andi Eigenmann’s rumored relationship has been debunked by the posted message below. That is, if the source can be trusted. Basically, the tipster narrated how they met James Reid and his friend Julian Roxas in The Fort strip’s parking lot and how they were able to have a picture taken with James Reid. They later found out that they went to the same bar. After awhile, Andi Eigenmann showed up with boyfriend Jake Ejercito. Many fans of the up and coming loveteam of James Reid and Nadine Lustre also known as “Jadine” were in complete shock with the rumors linking James Reid and Andi Eigenmann, hence the sigh of relief with the message below.

James Reid and Andi Eigenmann spotted in The Fort

James Reid and Andi Eigenmann in The Fort

But many are saying that Andi Eigenmann rebelled for awhile after she got wind of this photo of her boyfriend Jake Ejercito kissing another girl while partying in a bar. Jake Ejercito BTW is denying this. In his Twitter account, he said he just hanged out with his high school friends in that bar and there is nothing wrong in partying with them. Andi and Jake have since made up and hence that is what the tipster above has witnessed. Oh well, another day in the club. These stars should at least learn how to be discreet and behave even just a tad of like how the public expect them to be.

Jake Ejercito kiss girl

Jake Ejercito with unknown girl