Jake Ejercito Kissing photo

September 23, 2014

Jake Ejercito kiss girl

Jake Ejercito with unknown girl

The Jake Ejercito Kissing photo got buried on the post about Andi Eigenmann and James Reid‘s intimate photos. So here it is again. Jake Ejercito is spotted kissing a non-celeb girl inside a club. Jake Ejercito already denied whatever happened. He posted in his Twitter page: “So apparently going out with high school friends is something to gossip about? Nice try. Cut me some slack will ya.” The girl in the photo looks like Jessica Sanchez.
Jake Ejercito and non-celeb girl kiss

Jake Ejercito and non-celeb girl

Andi Eigenmann, in an interview aired on ABS-CBN, said she has seen all the photos and has already talked to boyfriend Jake Ejercito about it but she is still hurting at what happened and she has not forgiven Jake Ejercito yet. She enthused that she be left alone to do her own thing. Andi Eigenmann said: “I just really need space for now. My dad just passed away. All I want is to be able to do my own thing.”