Is this Vicki Belo or the Calayans?

October 3, 2007

Is the clinic the Belo med ? and her excellency, Madam Vicky Belo, the culprit?? or is it the Calayan and the royal couple, Manny and Pie Calayan? Notable quote from the report, The same friend also asked the official not to alert the media since the beauty doctor had just been through a major controversy,” and if you read between the lines, a telltale sign of a clue? Read on:

TWO women and four male lawmakers yesterday have expressed shock over a recently published report that one of their pregnant colleagues died during a liposuction procedure allegedly conducted by a famous cosmetic surgeon.

The cosmetic surgeon reportedly proceeded with the delicate procedure without determining if the patient was pregnant, a required medical procedure.

The solon said she only discovered that she was two months pregnant during the liposuction procedure only when she underwent a medical check-up last April.

The official was prevented by a friend, who is also close to the cosmetic surgeon, from filing charges.

The same friend also asked the official not to alert the media since the beauty doctor had just been through a major controversy.

Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza and Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin slammed beauty clinics who fail to perform their duties in ensuring the safety of clients.

If that’s true, that’s horrible! Kailangan talagang mag-set ng standards sa practice na iyan para maproteksiyunan ang mga client, Maza said.

Based on reports, the surgeon failed to have the official undergo a urine test before the patient underwent liposuction in March.

Garin, a doctor by profession, believes the blame should be both shared by the Metro Manila lady lawmaker and the surgeon.

â€Ã…“The responsibility rests on both the patient and the physician. Full disclosure on the part of the patient and thorough history taking on the part of the doctor,” she said.

Male solons also urged beauty clinics to observe proper procedure before performing surgery.

â€Ã…“They should ensure the safety of their clients because not just the rich avail of beauty treatments. In fact, most patients are OFWs spending hard-earned money. There have been numerous cases of deaths in such clinics. Many are fly -by-night or substandard,” said Cavite Rep. Joseph Emilio Abaya.

â€Ã…“Siguro mas maganda kung iyung mga beauty clinic ay sundin ang requirement ng medical certificate or clearance para hindi sila malagay sa alanganin and to protect both patient and clinic from lawsuits,” said Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo â€Ã…“Sonny” Angara.

Anak Mindanao Rep. Mujiv Hataman and Bayan Muna Rep. Teodoro â€Ã…“Teddy” CasiÃÆ’±o blamed the greed of beauty clinics for surgeries which end up in tragedies.

â€Ã…“We’ve been receiving reports like this and I believe this will not be the last one for as long that cosmetic surgeons are always after huge earnings,” said Hataman.

CasiÃÆ’±o added: â€Ã…“May pananagutan talaga ang clinic doon lalo na kung nadisgrasya ang mom or baby. Liposuction is considered a major surgical procedure. All tests must be made prior to surgery to ensure the patient’s safety.”