Is Dina Bonnevie Lying?

August 17, 2015

Dina Bonnevie sexy

Dina Bonnevie

In an interview on GMA News Network’s Powerhouse with Kara David and in the Philippine Entertainment Portal, Dina Bonnevie recalled about her being a battered wife in her second marriage to businessman Dick Penson. Dina Bonnevie‘s first marriage is with Vic Sotto. Dina Bonnevie narrated her life with Dick Penson:

“Doon ko naranasan yung talagang grabe, nilapastangan ako, binugbog, lahat.

“Naranasan kong maapi pero ayoko nang maalala yun, mabugbog, masapak, magulpi.

“And he even took my money.

“But I don’t want to remember that chapter of my life anymore.”

But in a 1998 interview with the Philippine Star’s Ricky Lo, Dick Penson refuted Dina Bonnevie’s accusations.

Mr. Penson denied that he had spent Dina’s earnings for his political campaign (he unsuccessfully ran for an elective position in Quezon City in 1998). “No, it’s not true as my records will show,” he said.

He also vehemently denied being a wife-beater.

“No it’s not true. You see how big I am. Kung sinaktan ko si Dina, do you think it wouldn’t show when she appeared on Ms. D!? During our arguments, Dina tended to be physical and all I did was parry her off. I don’t hit women. I’m not a violent person.”

In the Powerhouse interview, Dina Bonnevie also hit an actress she preferred to not name whom she accused of unfairly (to say the least) taking Best Actress awards from her.