Ian Somerhalder in Manila, Philippines

May 20, 2012

Ian Somerhalder Manila Philippines

Ian Somerhalder at the Mall of Asia

Ian Somerhalder Philippines

Ian Somerhalder with PR Asia and Penshoppe executives

Ian Somerhalder is now in Manila, Philippines too. One of the many A-List celebs who flew in from the United States. Aside from Lady Gaga, other one is Jeff Probst for the entire season shoot of Survivor 25: Philippines. Ian Somerhalder stars as Damon Salvatore in the hit US TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder is in the Philippines for a photo shoot for the Philippine fashion brand Penshoppe. I just hope it will be a beefcake Ian Somerhalder shoot! Ian Somerhalder arrival in Manila was highly anticipated because he kept tweeting his visit to Manila, from his departure in L.A. up until his short layaway in Seoul, South Korea. When he arrived in Manila, this is what Ian Somerhalder tweeted: “Hello Manila! Wow,what a greeting at airport-THAT was a 1st I feel like 1 of the Beatles-Thank you for a warm welcome.Youre bad for my ego!”

Very happy to be in the Philippines!

And apparently, his fans were camping out in his hotel, as he tweeted for them to go home already at around 1AM, Manila time: “Good night beautiful world-passing out in Manila.Just to let you all know Im not coming back downstairs.Go home and get some sleep! :)”

Ian Somerhalder is still trending on Twitter with the hashtags: #MabuhayIanSomerhalder and Welcome To The Philippines

Ian Somerhalder in Manila, Philippines

Gretchen Fullido and Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder talked about his charity work, particularly his Foundation below, from Pep and Penshoppe.